ITEM 1- As stated in the second item of the law number 5376 of TÜBITAK's founding law no. 278; one of the missions of the institution is to support R&D activities in the fields of science and technology and to give awards for that purpose. Thus, TÜBITAK gives four types of award, i.e. the Science, Service and Incentive Awards and the TÜBITAK Special Award, which is equivalent to the Science Award. Science, Service and Incentive Awards are given to scientists, Turkish or foreign, who are performing internationally competitive research studies in Turkey in the field of science and technology. The main purpose of the awards is to recognise the works and merits of distinguished scientists and to publicise their endeavours in their respective fields and to act as an encouragement. The TÜBITAK Special Award is given to Turkish scientists residing abroad with the same qualities stated above.

ITEM 2- The announcements regarding the awards are made to the relevant people and institutions in October every year.

The deadline for applications and nominations, which are submitted to TÜBITAK Senior Management –Science Board Secretariat, is the end of working hours on the last day of January.


a) Science Award:This is awarded to scientists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of universal science (may not be awarded posthumously).

b) Service Award: This is awarded to those who have significantly served the development of science and technology (may be awarded posthumously).

c) Incentive Award: This is awarded to scientists under the age of 40 and who have proved to have the necessary qualifications to contribute to science in the future at an international level (may not be awarded posthumously).

d) TÜBITAK Special Award: Equivalent to the TÜBITAK Science Award, this is awarded to Turkish scientists living abroad (may not be awarded posthumously).

Item 4- For these awards:

a) For the Science, Incentive and TÜBITAK Special Awards, personal applications and nominations of living scientists are accepted. For the Service Award, personal applications are not accepted, only nominations.

b) For the Science, Service, Incentive and TÜBITAK Special Awards:

•  Those who received TÜBITAK Science or Service Awards, or TÜBITAK-TWAS ( Third World Scientific Academy ) Awards in the past,

•  The Council of the Turkish Academy of Science,

•  The top management of university senates, faculties, institutes and centres that operate in the field of science and technology.

•  The highest authorities of public and private institutions that operate in the field of science and technology.

•  TÜBITAK Research Group Executive Committees (in their own fields)

can nominate. For Service Awards relevant ministries can nominate.

ITEM 5- The awards stated below are considered to be equivalent. To apply for one of these, it is required that the applicant should not have received the same type of award before.

•  TÜBITAK Incentive Award, TÜBA Incentive Award, TÜBITAK-TWAS Incentive Award.

•  TÜBITAK Science Award, TÜBA Science Award, TÜBITAK-TWAS Science Award, TÜBITAK Service Award, TÜBA Service Award.

ITEM 6- While preparing the candidate forms for the Science, Incentive and TÜBITAK Special Awards, the standard application, which could be reached from, must be filled in and all the other documents stated in the form need to be attached. Since the awards are individual, applicants need to explain in writing (maximum of 750 words) why they deserve this award and they are expected to emphasize in detail their main contribution to science. The guiding principle in this main contribution is that it is necessary to attach a sample of a maximum of 5 publications. The candidate should explain in writing (maximum of 250 words) his or her main contribution to those 5 publications. If the candidate has more than one contribution, it is necessary for him or her to explain in writing (maximum of 500 words) by classifying the subjects and attaching a sample of a maximum of 15 selected articles/books/book chapters excluding his or her main contribution. The publications that are the main part of the contribution in the candidate's application cannot be used in an application by another candidate for the same type of award (Science or Incentive). TÜBITAK has the right to investigate whether the candidate is the main contributor to the publications. If the candidate is found not to be the main contributor, the application will not be taken into consideration.

Nominee proposals for the Service Award need to include the application form (, the reason, and the document supporting this reason. This reason must be explained in writing (maximum of 750 words) and must include the details of how the candidate served to the development of science and technology in terms of his/her contribution to education of other scientists, his/her studies for the institutionalization of his/her scientific field, and his/her contribution to the establishment of scientific institutes and institutions.

Item 7- After the information and the documents in the application form are prepared and the Application Control List is signed, 3 printed copies and a CD must be mailed to TÜBITAK BASKANLIGI-BILIM KURULU SEKRETERYA via cargo or regular mail (The date on the envelope must not exceed the deadline). If they are to be submitted by hand, they must be delivered to TÜBITAK GENEL EVRAK VE ARSIV MÜDÜRLÜGÜ.

The names of all the advisors/referees and their evaluations are confidential and according to the item 26 of the law no 4982, they are inaccessible.

Item 8- Every year, TÜBITAK forms a commission to evaluate the applications and nominations for the Science, Service, Incentive, and TÜBITAK Special Awards. This commission, taking the candidates' scientific fields into consideration, is composed of seven people who have preferably received Science Awards. The commission evaluates the applications by consulting advisors and establishing sub-commissions when necessary and submits its recommendations to the TÜBITAK Science Board. TÜBITAK determines the awardees after the evaluation process. The commission members' travel expenses and participation expenses are paid in accordance with the amount determined by the Science Board.

Item 9- Science, Service, Incentive and TÜBITAK Special Awards are given in the fields of Basic Sciences, Engineering, Health, and Social Sciences and Humanities. The limit on the number of awards is eight for the Science Award, four for the Service Award, 20 for the Incentive Award, and four for the TÜBITAK Special Award.

Item 10- Awards consist of cash awards, plaques and certificates. In addition, scientists who have received Science Awards are given research support equal in amount to the received award to carry out their research at home. For scientists who have passed away after becoming a candidate or being nominated, the awards are given to their legal heirs; however, in this case research support is not given. This research support is given to those who have received the Science Award in one payment or partial payments in advance over a year. However, expenses are dealt in accordance with the principles stated in TÜBITAK's accounting regulations and advance payment account along with the documents indicating the related studies are sent to the Research Support Programmes Division at the end of the second month following the receipt of the advance payment. The expenses that are approved by the Research Support Programmes Division and the related documents for the advance payment account are forwarded to the Accounting Department. Within this scope, the materials belong to the person who has received the award.

Item 11- Current TÜBITAK Science Board Members cannot be a candidate or nominate or be nominated for any of the institution's awards.

Item 12- The awardees are notified on 24 July every year, which is the anniversary of the establishment of TÜBITAK.

Awards are given to the winners at a ceremony held every year. Awardees who receive the Science Award give a conference about their scientific studies.

The institution pays the round-trip travel expenses and accommodation expenses of the awardees.

Item 13- These guidelines are valid on the date accepted by the Science Board.


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